Goggomobil C-350 made in Mungia, Spain.


Goggomobil T350

Goggomobil T-350 T-350 arrived C-350 Goggomobil Goggomobile Goggo C-350 Goggomobil Goggomobile Goggo
Goggomobil in Spanish garden Just came from Spain by
transport company
C-350 engine With lights on
C-350 Goggomobil Goggomobile Goggo Dart C-350 Goggomobil Goggomobile Goggo Goggomobi C350 Goggomovil Goggomobil C350 brake cilinders
Goggomobil C-350 and Dart 400 Chrome just polished 350cc engine Renew the brake cilinders
Goggomobil C350 mungia Goggomobil 350cc engine Goggomobil Engine room Goggomobil
Removing for overhauling the
350cc engine, suspention
and brakes
350cc engine New paint in the engine room Starting go get the engine appart
Goggomobil Crankshaft Goggomobil engine Goggomobil motor
gasoline crane overhaul kit Crankshaft sent to Germany
for overhauling
place the shiftblock Cleaning with ovencleaner
Goggomobil crankshaft krukas kurberwelle Goggomobil differential Goggomobil Goggomobil
350cc Crankshaft back from
remove 6008/C3 bearings 
from differential
Overhauling of the differantial replace the "Achschenkelbolzen"
Goggomobil T-350
replace the "Achschenkelbolzen" renew the brake system place bearings rear axle new silent rubber
Wheels sandblasted and
powder coated
repaint the
steering wheel
Some painted parts New casted knob
some progression made
on the C-350
350cc engine structure
with special made bearing tool
more engine pictures KTZ-transistor ignition from
Uwe Staufenberg
mounting the pistons and cilinders Moving the C-350 next to
the Dart body
Gasoline tank repainted and
overhauled fuel tap
KTZ-transistor ignition from
Uwe Staufenberg
KTZ-transistor ignition from
Uwe Staufenberg
Mounting the U-Joint
Ajustible reamer to clean the
U-joint bearing place.
Mounting the engine and brakes
C-350 on this wheels again
and a family portait

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